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paul sanders
10/3/2009 11:25:17 pm

hi peter loverly site keep up the good work chat soon

10/28/2009 05:44:27 am

Hi Pete! Lovely Dogs, what a great time me and the family have had looking at your site, trying hard with the other half, maybe just maybe!Keep your fingers crossed for me and the boys!

Talk to you soon?

Mike R

10/31/2009 07:11:03 am

Peter, can Tracy and I say a big thank you! To both you and Wendy for the kindness shown and time spent at yours today.

It was a real treat for Tracy and I to be able to see your wonderful dogs and the sense of passion and deadication shown by Wendy and you Peter toward the breed is second to none!

All that time afforded us, from a call out of the blue late on a Sat afternoon!!

Thank You!

We hope very much to be seeing you both again soon.

Thank You both once again for letting us drop by.

Tracy and Mike

Curtis kalter
10/13/2011 03:53:41 am

Hi both
I've just been looking at your beautiful dogs which are a credit to you. I can see where my boy gets his good looks from I have rocco (lushus moonbeam) from whte sundancer for lushus and chezatree warcloud. He is a beauty and credit to your dogs, I have never met such a soft sweet natured dog in my life poor little boy gets chased off by cats and chihuahuas. I'd like to thank you and mark for brining rocco in to my life as now it feels complete so thank you very much again


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